My top 10 photos from 2016

365 days and thousands of photos later— these are 10 photos which I took that I liked the most.

1. I woke up to this sky this past October in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. I didn’t want to go outside to photograph it, but the colour just got too bright and red. A friend calls it my Martian sky.1

2. In August, also in Cambridge Bay, when the sun had set, the sky was lit up on top with a pink colour, then became deeper blue below.  I also realized in this photo there’s a lot happening besides the sky: There’s a tanker and a friend walking home.2

3. I went driving around to try and catch the super-moon as it rose in September in Cambridge Bay: Here you can see it rising over the airport.3

4. A peregrine falcon warmed itself on this September day. That day by Mt. Pelly outside Cambridge Bay we saw many hawks and peregrines all enjoying the mid-20 C temps.5

5.But it was not always sunny. On this morning the sunrise looked a bit apocalyptic though the window, with Cambridge Bay’s fuel tank farm in the distance.4

6. I took a walk up to the dump in Cambridge Bay and found a few dozen sand hill cranes feasting on the trash. dsc05314

7. Ice grows in bubbles beside a pond in Cambridge Bay, not sure exactly how.7

8. I never get tired of watching snow buntings which hung around this year well into October in Cambridge Bay.8

9. Wow! On a visit back to Finland, the bright , bold colours of Marimekko designs impress me many years after I worked as a salesclerk in the company’s stores.DSC04023

10. And here I am with my Finnish sister Kirsti this past summer in Finland, just the best place to be.10

Let’s all have a great 2017 to come! Onnellista uuttaa vuotaa!

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